Health Insurance

Major Medical
With access to all the major carriers, we help you compare all the options!

Major Medical plans provide individual or full family healthcare coverage that meets all the minimum essential health benefit requirements of the Affordable Care Act. These plans cover a broad range of healthcare expenses, including treatment related to preexisting conditions, prescription drugs, maternity care, inpatient/outpatient services, preventive services, and emergency care. Major Medical plans can only be selected during the annual Open Enrollment Period (typically Nov 1st – December 15th), unless you have a qualifying life event that opens up a Special Enrollment Period.

Short-Term Medical
Short Term Medical coverage is a great option for those in-between medical plans.

Short Term Medical

Short-Term Medical plans have no open enrollment period restrictions, so you can apply at any time. They are designed to cover individuals for anywhere from 1 to 12 months. These plans can be significantly less expensive than Major Medical insurance, while still providing protection for major illnesses and injuries. These plans are not required to cover preexisting conditions, maternity care, prescription drugs, and the other minimum essential health benefits that Major Medical plans offer.

Medicare Supplement
Medicare supplemental insurance (Medigap) is a great way to protect yourself from major medical expenses.

Medicare Supplement

Medigap policies help pay some of the health care costs (“gaps”) that Original Medicare doesn’t cover (like co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles).

If you have Original Medicare and a Medigap policy, Medicare will pay its share of the Medicare-approved amounts for covered health care costs. Then your Medigap policy pays its share.

Every Medigap policy must follow Federal and state laws designed to protect you and the policy must be clearly identified as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.” Medigap insurance companies in most states can only sell you a “standardized” Medigap policy identified by letters A through N. Each standardized Medigap policy must offer the same basic benefits, no matter which insurance company sells it. Cost is usually the only difference between Medigap policies with the same letter sold by different insurance companies.

Senior Medical Insurance
Our senior medical insurance specialists can help you with all of your health care needs.

Senior Medical

We represent dozens of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Senior Dental and Senior Vision carriers.  Since we are not tied to a single company, we can do the research for you and make sure you are purchasing the best coverage available in your area, at the lowest possible price.

It does not matter if you are just now turning 65, leaving a company or Cobra plan after age 65 or if you simply want us to help you understand the coverage you currently have, we are here to help.

HSA Health Plans
Health Savings Account (HSA) plans are a great way to control the cost of your healthcare expenses.


HSA plans allow for preventive care up front. For all other services, the deductible must be met before the insurance pays the majority of expenses.

Pair your plan with a HSA account to maximize your tax savings.

This plan is a great option for those that do not have a lot of medical expenses or would benefit from the tax savings.

Ask a Benefit Advisor if an HSA plan would work for you.

Group Medical

Group Medical

We have group health insurance programs for your company!

Ensure that your employees have the protection they deserve by purchasing a group health insurance program. Your workforce will have better access to care, including preventive screening that can help prevent serious illness in the future. With multiple coverage options available, employees will be empowered to successfully manage their own healthcare costs and gain financial security.

Further, you will be better positioned to competitively recruit and retain key employees by offering medical benefits. You will quickly see return on your investment by reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, improving office morale and even lowering your hiring costs!

Give yourself the competitive advantage by purchasing a group health insurance policy today!

Other Available Coverages

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Accident and Critical
  • Illness Insurance
  • International health insurance
  • Short term and long term disability
  • long-term care insurance

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